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Veterans Advantage

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Our Veteran Advantage Program at DuPage Will Family Caring Angels. is for eligible veterans or their surviving spouses to take advantage of the federally funded VA Aid & Attendance Benefit. This covers costs for personal home care services as deemed necessary by a physician or medical professional. It is a reimbursement pension for medical expenses where In-Home Care or Home Based Personal Care can be considered a medical expense for the program beneficiaries.

Eligibility Requirements

Military Active Duty
Must have been on active duty for at least 90 days being one of the given days to be during a time of war

Medical Necessity
Must be recommended by a licensed medical professional for the veteran/surviving spouse to require assistance with activities of daily living such as bathing, dressing, preparing meals and medication therapy compliance or management, among others

Income or Financial Capacity
Must have no greater than $40,000 in assets excluding the veteran’s home or personal properties

Please get in touch with DuPage Will Family Caring Angels. to inquire if you are eligible for this program. We will conduct the initial consultation that determines if you are eligible for the Veteran Advantage Program or if an alternative program is much better for you. Once deemed eligible for the Veteran Advantage Program, you will be entitled to receive:

  • Assistance with Paperwork and filling of applications forms required to facilitate the benefits
  • Immediate care available and provided right in your home: Safety Supervision, Assistance with Personal Hygiene and ADLs, Incontinence Care, Mediation Reminders, Support When Climbing Stairs, Mobility Support, etc.

Only fully developed claims are submitted to the VA in the final facilitation of your benefits. We will continue to provide you with care even after your application has been approved. Our staff will ensure that you receive continuity of care from this benefit program for the rest of your life.

Contact Information

Simply call us or e-mail us so that we can learn more about your unique situation and share how our caregivers can improve the quality of your life.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission as an agency is to ensure a better quality of life at home for the elderly who require assistance with their Activities of Daily Living (ADLs). We provide them with safe, dependable, and affordable in-home assistance with living and companionship. Our professionalism, expertise, knowledge, and commitment to our clients make it possible for them to maintain and enjoy their independence with dignity while remaining in the comfort and security of their own home.

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